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EMI/RFI engineers prefer hermetically sealed shields at high frequencies due their superior performance over time. Designed for highest shielding performance leveraging a unique hermetic design and fabrication process, Masach™ Drawn-seamless EMI/RFI Shields are in a class of their own. Masach™ Drawn-Seamless EMI|RFI Shields Features & Benefits: • Seamless Protective Cage for higher shielding effectiveness • Optimal Planarity for higher yield on reflow soldering • Solid Construction to resist dents and warps • Two-piece Shield Design enables to repair components without removing the shield, saving time and reducing repair damage
Masach™ Standard EMI/RFI shields saves on custom design costs, doing away with the need to produce expensive prototypes for evaluation, as well as significantly reduces delivery times. Our standard drawn-seamless EMI/RFI shields consist of Tin-plated steel and Nickel-Silver alloys, commonly used for board-level shielding due to their exceptional mechanical formability, environmental compliance, and relative low cost. Engineers taking part in the board design phase can take advantage of the information concerning all mechanical aspects of Masach™ shields, conveniently available for download (PDF datasheets and CAD files), from the website product page.
Two-piece shields enable easy access to shielded areas of the PCB. These shields are required when a shielded component needs to be accessed.
Masach™ stock materials include various brass and steel alloys such as Tin-plated Steel (CRS) and Nickel-Silver, which are the most economical and popular solution for EMI/RFI shielding, yet other conductive materials could be ordered according to client's demand.
Masach™ offers engineering and design as part of its services. Our vast expertise in this field has led us to design RF shields for major telecom companies and manufacturers. It is entirely up to you if you want us to design the shield from scratch or assist in the designing process.
Masach™ Standard Drawn-Seamless EMI/RF Shields are available in-stock globally. Using our standard shields saves on custom design costs and significantly reduces delivery times. PDF datasheets and 3D-CAD files are available for download from the website product pages. For new custom EMI/RFI shield please provide the below data/information for our evaluation: • 3D-model or print-layout • QTY for prototyping • Estimated production volume • Time-frame
Masach™ standard Drawn-Seamless EMI/RFI shields are SMT compatible, packed in SMD packing trays. For new custom EMI shields You may order samples that support automatic mounting and with an additional charge, we will supply them on pick and place trays. Large volume orders are supplied by default on trays, yet if required, we can offer tape and reel service.
As part of our global operations we have established our online stocking distribution to provide our partners and customers the ability to order small-medium quantities @ low prices and fast lead-times. Please visit our Global Product Availability under "Masach Global".

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