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Masach™ specializes in board-level EMI/RFI shielding design* and production for small, medium, and large-scale runs. Founded in 1994, Masach is globally recognized as a leading supplier for some of the world’s largest electronic companies, thanks to its high quality customer service and unparalleled product performance.

Every step of the production cycle, from raw materials and engineering to packaging and shipping, is meticulously executed under one roof, leveraging dedicated hydraulic presses, cutting-edge tool room assemblies, state-of-the-art forming operations, and more.


Setting the Standard for Shielding.™

Masach™ brings thirty years of know-how and expertise into every shield produced. Our ever-growing selection of standard EMI/RFI shields is the largest in the industry, saving our customers precious time and money while catering to the electronic industry’s growing high frequency and RF applications.

With an emphasis on technology and design, Masach’s drawn EMI/RFI shields boast top performance across metrics, featuring a seamless protective cage, robust construction, optimal planarity, and superior two-piece shield design.


Serving a Range of Industries

With multiple material combinations, Masach serves the needs of every industrial sector, including telecom, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, agriculture and more. Masach's unique drawn-seamless RF shields meet the requirements for the most sensitive equipment, while an unrivaled range of dimensions provides flexibility and convenience for every customer.

Masach Tech is certified AS9100 Aerospace (AMS) and ISO14001:2015 Environmental (EMS) standards.

AS9100D Aerospace (AMS) Certification  ISO 14001:2015 Environmental (EMS) Certification


*Products design and development is certified under ISO 9001 only.



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