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RF Shielding Tames RFI and EMI Emissions

Noise and Interference caused by high-speed digital switching and radiated RF signals can be eliminated by appropriate RF shielding and careful PCB design..



Maintaining Easy Access to Densely-Packed RF Modules

Every now and then an unusual application for EMI/RFI shield configurations can arise which might require some lateral thinking to solve the problem..

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RF shield from PCB to production

Making Repairs Possible with Two-Piece RF Shields

Does one design for functionality, manufacturability or accessibility? This is the traditional argument between the design engineer and the fabrication workshop. Try desoldering 5 or 6 small EMI/RFI shields assembled onto a tiny PCB and the answer to the above would be obvious..

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Adding Mouse Holes To Standard RF Shield

Dedicated three-dimensional laser cutting technology on an existing standard RF shield as a complementary manufacturing station for a shelf product..

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RF shielding 3D Laser Cutting

High Precision 3D-Laser Cutting Technology for RF Shield Modifications

In today's developing technological world, we are surrounded by devices and technologies that communicate using electromagnetic waves in all areas of life..


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