Green Policy

RoHS & Reach Compatible

All Masach™ fabricated materials are RoHS and Reach compatible with standards being updated in each purchasing batch. CoC of base material used is available upon request at any time.


Scrap and discarded material

All material scrap resultant from the fabrication process is gathered and stored in separate bins for subsequent recycling. We pride ourselves at achieving 100% recycling of all metallic waste. Plastic sheet scrap resultant from the vacuum form process is 100% recycled via the raw material provider.

Wherever possible, we encourage our customers to return the vacuum form package trays and packing cartons for recycled use resulting in significant savings and help to preserve our planet for our children.



All Our fabrication plant is housed in a modern purpose built facility surrounded with trees, shrubs and flower beds. Water condensed from the plant's air conditioners are recycled to the gardens and require no extra irrigation.

We will attempt to maintain and improve wherever possible a minimal impact on our environment both through our manufacturing activities and through the quality of products provided to our customers.

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