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Drawn RF Shields

Drawn RF Shields

Setting the Standard for Shielding.™

High Performance EMI/RFI Shields

EMI/RFI engineers prefer hermetically sealed shields at high frequencies due their superior performance over time. Designed for highest shielding performance leveraging a unique hermetic design and fabrication process, Masach seamless protective cages are in a class of their own.

Most conventional shields are produced by bending the frames and covers, leaving slits for dust and interference. Masach’s unique fabrication process utilizes drawn frames and snap on covers to produce a seamless, more hermetic shield that is as durable as it is effective.

Featuring a convenient two-piece design, our shields enable to inspect and repair shielded components without having to remove the entire shield. Masach™ shields are known for their planarity, offering optimal yield of reflow soldering for even better overall performance. Our ever-growing selection of EMI/RFI hermetically sealed shields are suitable to small, medium and large-scale runs.

Masach™ Drawn EMI/RFI Shields Features & Benefits:

Seamless Protective Cage for higher shielding effectiveness
Optimal Planarity
for higher yield on reflow soldering
Solid Construction
to resist dents and warps
Two-piece Shield Design enables
to repair components without removing the shield, saving time and reducing repair damage

Comprehensive Library of Two-piece EMI/RFI Shields

Masach™ offers the largest selection of standard drawn EMI/RFI shields in the electronics industry. Our ever-growing range of sizes delivers more flexibility in surface mount configurations where interference may occur or is identified during the board design phase. The highly reliable two-piece design (frame and cover) accommodates virtually any surface mount application.

Fast and Economical Approach

Masach™ standard shields saves on custom design costs, doing away with the need to produce expensive prototypes for evaluation, as well as significantly reduces delivery times. Our standard drawn EMI/RFI shields consist of tin-plated steel alloys, commonly used for board-level shielding due to their exceptional mechanical formability, environmental compliance, and relative low cost.

Engineers taking part in the board design phase can take advantage of the information concerning all mechanical aspects of Masach shields, conveniently available for download (PDF datasheets and CAD files), from the website product page.

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