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Classic RF shields

Classic RF shields

Standard Classic Bent-up EMI/RFI Shields

Standard Bent-up PCB mounted EMI/RFI shields are used by engineers that are aware of a possible interference during the board design phase. Matching of a standard solution to board that is already designed will be difficult in some cases, and impossible in others. During the design phase it is possible to design the board while considering the dimensions of a standard shield. This includes, leaving enough space on board for its placement, designing the grounding pad to fit the shield, selecting the suitable components, and more.

Ordering a standard product saves the interaction with the mechanical engineer, the design of the shield and the production of prototypes for evaluation. These advantages are translated into the relatively low price of the standard shield.

If you cannot find a standard shield according to your requirements, you are welcome to contact us and we will make the adjustments or find a suitable solution for your specific needs.