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Drawn EMI/RFI Shields?

At higher frequencies the preference of EMI/RFI engineers turn to more Hermetically Sealed Shields. Drawn EMI/RFI Shields provide a seamless protective cage.
These shields are fabricated as drawn frames with drawn snap on covers. In contrast to bent frames & covers, which can be manufactured in single units by manual process, these shields must be tooled.

Drawn EMI/RFI Shields Main Advantages
> Seamless protective cage – Promotes high shielding effectiveness
> Robust & Solid Construction – Resists warping during transit and handling
> Optimal planarity Promotes high yield on reflow soldering
> Two-piece shield Design (Frame & Cover) – Enables the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without having to risk board damage by removing the entire shield or incur any tooling costs.

See also EMI/RFI Shields Technical Information

Why to use standard EMI shields?

Standard PCB mounted EMI | RFI shields are used by engineers that are aware of a possible interference during the board design phase. Ordering a standard product saves the interaction with the mechanical engineer, the design of the shield and the production of prototypes for evaluation. These advantages are translated into the relatively low price of the standard shield and can be delivered in a very short time.

Masach Technologies offers a comprehensive and constantly updated library of Drawn EMI/RFI Standard Shields. The library is organized according to the shield’s size and style. Every item has a data-sheet that specifies the scale and the method used for assembly. In addition, complimentary CAD files are available for download on our website for immediate implementation.

When do I need shields with removable cover?

Two-piece shields enable easy access to shielded areas of the PCB. These shields are required when a shielded component needs to be accessed.

Which raw materials are used?

Masach's stock materials include various brass and steel alloys, which are the most economical and popular solution for shielding, yet other conductive materials could be ordered according to client's demand. See also our Tinplate Standard Steel

Should I leave the customized shield design to Masach or do it myself?

Masach offers engineering and design as part of its services. Our vast expertise in this field has led us to design RF shields for major telecom companies and manufacturers. It is entirely up to you if you want us to design the shield from scratch or assist in the designing process.

What do I need to prepare in order to receive a quote?

All standard drawn EMI | RF shields are available for purchasing online. If you are looking for a specific customized EMI shield, a simple sketch with the dimensions of the product will suffice. Alternatively you may supply an electronic file displaying the board and the PCB layout of the shield.

Can I receive the shields packed for automatic assembly?

Masach's standard drawn EMI | RF shields are all SMT compatible, packed in SMT packing trays. For customized EMI shields You may order samples that support automatic mounting, and with an additional charge, we will supply them on pick and place trays. Large volume orders are supplied by default on trays, yet if required, we can offer tape and reel service.

What are the benefits in producing shields using CNC stamping?

Masachs unique CNC punching technology shortens the time to market, while reducing the cost for prototypes and medium runs. The setup costs, compared to other methods, are much lower, as there is no tooling involved. Samples can be generally supplied within less than 48 hours. CNC punching technology is based on the same technology that is used with press tools, so there will be no need for major changes when the product moves on to mass production.

Can you use the same production method for larger runs?

The breakpoint between manually bent shields to automated tooling is dependent on the shield's complexity. A standard shield will reach the breakpoint at around 5000 pcs.

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